Outreach Programs

The Office of Student Research and Scholarship works closely with student organization and to reach high school students and teachers for science and engineering education.
  1. Work with American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) to organize annual holiday dinner/lunch and field trips to high schools.

  2. Work with Art of Science and Engineering Club (ASE) to organize annual CCNY Exhibition of Art of Science and Engineering.

  3. Work with Genomics and Bioinformatics Club to organize Winter and Summer Bioinformatics Workshops.

  4. Work with Society of Women in Engineering (SWE), ASEE, and other student organizations to outreach high school/middle school Robotics Teams.

1. In collaboration with CCNY CollegeNOW office to offer Art of Science and Engineering course on Saturdays in academic year.

Click here to see the flyer for the Art of Science and Engineering Course with CollegeNOW
Saturday Classes: 9:30am to 1:00pm Location: MR-044
MathArt and Science Course CollegeNOW! Course
Professors Dr. Brass and Dr. Gosser, TA: Sam Kim
This course a) introduces mathematical analysis of classical examples of visual art, such as gothic architecture, op art, tilings, etc. with a focus on geometric shapes, symmetry elements, coordinates, scaling, and self-similar transformation; b) uses two graphics systems, the PovRay raytracer and the PostScript language, to introduce basic computer programming concepts like variables, subroutines, loops and conditional statements, etc; c) Introduces bioinformatics databases such as protein data bank and visualization tools.

2. In collaboration with Macaulay Honors College Summer Academy to offer a 6-week Summer Bioinformatics workshop from beginning of July to the middle of August.

This workshop includes morning session (Genomics and Structural Bioinformatics) and an afternoon session (Computational Skills in Bioinformatics). The afternoon class is divided into two sections:
• Students in Section A will learn statistics, genome sequencing, and annotation.
• Students in Section B will learn math, art, programming, and molecular graphics.
This workshop also provides a series of Prime Time Lectures given by distinguished scientists, professors, and artists from universities and research institutes in the New York area.

For Highlights of the Summer Bioinformatics Workshop: please click here.

For the Summer Bioinformatics poster presentation see http://sites.google.com/site/ccnygep/Home/summer-bioinformatics-workshop-2009. The main goal of this special interest group is to conduct a research oriented project - Gene Annotation. This project is in collaboration with Washington University at St. Louis and the results will be authenticated and submitted to the world-wide bioinformatics database (NCBI). This can lead to a paper to be published in a peer-reviewed journal for the students involved.
Materials for this course can be found at http://sites.google.com/site/ccnygep/Home/course-materials. For syllabus, go to "Genomics Club Activities".
For representative high school student art work from the Annual Art of Science and Engineering Exhibition and Contest: Click here

Here are some examples

Hsin's pulsar image
Artist: Carol Hsin,12th Grade
Pulsar shown with magnetic field lines and beams of electromagnetic radiation emitting from its poles.

Lam's tree image
Artist: Betty Lam, 11th Grade
This colorful tree filled with blossoms is generated by PostScript language.

Wong's crystal image
Artist: Ashley Wong, 10th Grade
Crystal Structure of Titanium Oxide (TiO2)

2008 Bioinformatics workshop is offered from June 30 to August 7 with collaboration of Macaulay Honors College Summer Academy. This workshop includes morning session (Genomics and Structural Bioinformatics) and an afternoon session (Computational Skills in Bioinformatics).

Click here for the full schedule of the summer workshop