We Connect Students to Research and to Faculty

Welcome to the Office of Student Research and Scholarship (OSRS), a home to support the community of student research scholars. This office will coordinate with all faculty and staff in GSOE to conduct special seminars, cyber-enabled workshops, and research methods course to introduce cutting edge research methods course students and provide advice and consultation for student participation in research. The goal of the Office of Student Research & Scholarship is to enhance STEM education and to facilitate early participation in research, to encourage undergraduate students to pursue career in STEM fields and to help students be better prepared for graduate study.

  • OSRS staff assists students in
    1. Defining goals of undergraduate experience
    2. Planning for early participation in research
    3. Identifying faculty mentors, projects, and departmental resources
    4. Presenting and publishing research findings, obtaining academic credit
    5. And seeking funding for their research

  • OSRS maintains a listing of research active faculty mentors and available research projects and other resources for students and faculty here.

  • OSRS maintain a database of student participation in research and faculty mentoring effort.

  • OSRS organizes GSOE Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, and publish the online proceedings.

  • OSRS publish GSOE Journal of Student Research (ISSN 1096-5416, Engineering Series, www.gsoejsr.org).

  • OSRS maintains a listing of fellowship information for students and faculty at the research opportunities page.

  • OSRS supervises the Grove School of Engineering Special Scholarship Programs: Mini-Circuits Scholarship Program and Grove Scholarship Program (New Scholarship)

Students interested in becoming involved in research may contact the OSRS office in MR-1102 for an appointment or email to the Director of OSRS: Dr. Yuying Gosser ygosser@ccny.cuny.edu, 212-650-8870

The Office of Student Research and Scholarship was evolved from the Pathways Bioinformatics Center, which can be found at this location.